Castella Modular Sofa - 2.5-seater

Castella Modular Sofa - 2.5-seater

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By Starchie

A modular sofa that is easy to set up and disassemble, the x-frame system of the Castella allows for segments to be added on and removed to suit changing needs. The sofa’s ability to extend essentially indefinitely makes it an ideal companion as you go through life, from being a single homeowner, to marriage and having children, or choosing to live with your closest friends.  

The water-repellent smart fabric minimises stains and spills for homeowners with young children or pets, while the adjustable backrest offers several degrees of freedom between reclining and sitting upright, making the Castella both versatile and functional. Coming with the choice of an armrest or side table, seats of varying widths, and an ergonomic backrest, the Castella promises to deliver the same comfort as its namesake.


Our innovative X-frame system means that the length of the Castella is limited only by your imagination. The frame and cushion construction allows for components—including a side table and armrest—to be easily added, removed, or rearranged as your needs change.

The 2.5-seater made up of one 1-seaters and one 1.5-seater allows you to use your imagination with colours or stay cool with mono-colours.

Other features:
- adjustable backrests so you can have your seat your way
- an efficient assembling and disassembling system so your sofa can go with you as you move
- the choice of an armrest or side table
- water-repellent fabric for all the messes and spills of life.
- no tools required for assembling—and we mean no tools, not even an Allen key.


The Castella Sofa design is protected and registered, which means that Starchie owns the design. You will be purchasing an original design.

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  • Made in Malaysia

  • Dimension:
    W 209x D 90-105 x H 85cm (armrest + side table)
    W 205 x D 90-105 x H 85cm (2 armrests)
    Seat Depth 60cm

  • Fabric colours: Light grey, Grey, Mocha, Lavender

  • X-frame colours: Black, Other colours available by enquiry

  • Materials:
    Seat and Backrest: High Resilience Foam
    Backrest Mechanism: Adjustable backrest gear (Japan)
    Fabric: Milos water-repellent SMART fabric
    X-frame: Powder-coated steel
    Side table: Solid Teak wood in grey-washed finish

  • Design Registration Number: 30201906147V

  • Estimated order lead time is 4-6 weeks

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