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A Story Worth Telling


We initially began in 2017 as an online store offering up a selection of home goods and lifestyle products from Asian designers. Whether we’re curating products, or creating our own, the motivation behind Starchie has always been the same—to connect people with good design.

Beyond being just a furniture brand or an online store, Starchie aims to be a platform for collaboration and connection, where customers can not only buy wares from regional designers, but also learn more about the stories and the people behind them.


STarchie home

Starchie Home is a design-led collection that is about creating furniture, homeware, and accessories for different lifestyles and needs.

Our pieces are produced in collaboration with some of Asia’s foremost designers, and proudly made in Asia with the help of local creators and makers, some of whom have been doing this for generations.

Here’s what makes Starchie Home products special.


| design passion

We believe good design isn’t just about looking good—it has to work well, too. Working with some of the most forward-thinking Asian designers today, we explore new technologies, behaviours, and expressions, all to rethink how we live and work, and to find new ways to solve problems in our everyday lives. Every product of ours is original, and has a story worth telling.


| from ground up

Sourced from authentic materials, our collection is created with selected manufacturers who guarantee stringent quality control. They are also environmental management system accredited, which means they are considerate to the environment.



| priced just right

Quality doesn’t always need to come at a price. By simplifying the process and bringing the products directly to you, we aim to make original, well-designed products available at accessible prices.


 | better together

We want to empower and support creatives from around Asia by giving them a platform to showcase and market their products, and creating a community to connect designers and makers with an audience who appreciates well-made products.
After all, good things are better when shared.


| made for good

By supporting local talents, makers, and craftspeople, we create positive social value for the people we work with, and those around them. Our decision to source for materials and use processes that are environmentally-friendly is another way we’re making a change in how furniture is made and used — a change you can be part of when you support us.