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A story worth telling


We initially began in 2017 as an online store offering up a selection of home goods and lifestyle products from Asian designers. Whether we’re curating products, or creating our own, the motivation behind Starchie has always been the same—to connect people with good design.

Beyond being just a furniture brand or an online store, Starchie aims to be a platform for collaboration and connection, where customers can not only buy wares from regional designers, but also learn more about the stories and the people behind them.


STarchie selects

At Starchie Selects, you’ll find a collection of well-designed home and lifestyle goods, made by talented creators from all over Asia, and curated by us. Through this, we want to foster a connected creative community, and provide a platform for designers and makers to showcase and market their work.

But, more than that, we also want to share their stories.

Here’s what makes Starchie Selects special.


| looking good

We’re constantly on the search for products by regional designers that are original, unique, and design-focused. It’s not all about appearance, though — the products we curate have an unusual edge to them, or provide uncommon solutions to common problems.


 | passing it on

Starchie believes in building a strong relationship with the designers and makers whose products we carry — you won’t find our products passing through anonymous warehouses, and getting marked up along the way. By cutting out middle men, we simplify the process to bring products directly from the designers to you.


| digging deep

We choose to seek out and work with undiscovered, underrated designers who are innovative and strive to push the boundaries of design.