More than your design store.

Starchie is for selected creative & innovative designers in Asia to showcase and market their design.
We currently carry contemporary living and lifestyle brands from Southeast Asia and is looking to grow our network of designer brands towards the wider continent of Asia.

At Starchie, you will get ‘insider info’ where designers recommend their local colleagues that they think are great. This enables us to uncover more undiscovered designers around the region.

But ...

We are not just interested in selling.
We are also interested in telling stories behind the scene.
Starchie is more than shopping.
It is about the people.


We believe in supporting and empowering local talents in your region. 




Founded by an Australian trained architect with a passion for good design & supporting the Asian creative industry. It all started when she moved from Australia to Asia and had no idea where to start finding local design. She started asking designer friends to recommend other designer friends.

"If only we can provide that information and more ..."

A lover of unique beautiful things that are well thought out and executed, she emulates that philosophy in the considered curation of Starchie.