Behind Barketek

Barketek's founder, Piyanat Ratanawongsarot.

Barketek's founder, Piyanat Ratanawongsarot.



Barkëtek is founded not just on a love for dogs, but is also the brainchild and collaboration between a landscape architect and a graphic designer. More than that, barkëtek products are also sustainable, made from plantation trees in an environmentally friendly process.

Piyanat Ratanawongsarot, the landscape architect parent of barkëtek, has been in landscape architectural design for over 9 years in Thailand, Singapore and China. He is now working on several luxury resorts and hotels, buildings throughout China and Southeast Asia, and designing new pet products for barkëtek.


S-MOD for smaller dogs

S-MOD for smaller dogs


THE LOWDOWN on Piyanat ...


Where do you live       Bangkok,Thailand

Personal style              -

iphone                            Iphone or Android?

-                                    Travel


My workplace                        Barketek Co. Ltd                    

Office pet                               None

Latest project                         Kona project

Fave designer / project        Fukasawa Naoto

Good design                          Barketek's Geowl

Geowl has a smart & functional design.

Geowl has a smart & functional design.

Stationery                              -

In your work bag                   Pen, phone, business card, etc


Local eat              Grill pork with the rice

Drink                     Pepsi

Munchies              Honey roasted almond

In your fridge       Pepsi


Online shop                       Lazada

Fashion                              Adidas

Fave local shop                 Around Bangkok's China town

Pepsi                                   I can’t live without

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