Mr Teddy’s New Home

Happy birthday Li Na on 31 March!

Happy birthday Li Na on 31 March!

On our last day of Boutique Fairs Singapore in March 2018, we had Mr Teddy sitting on our Bookniture at the front of our booth.

A spunky husband and wife pair came looking at Mr Teddy, and Li Na decided to try him on. It was a perfect match! Li Na wore him with spunk and attitude. We took a picture, but she decided not to bring him home after all.

An hour later, a young lady came up to the booth and asked if we had a bear. We pointed him out, and asked how she knew about Mr Teddy, since we had not seen her at the booth previously.

It turned out that this was Li Na's daughter, and Li Na had sent her a picture of her with the bear! Since it was Li Na's birthday soon, her daughter decided to buy her Mr Teddy as a birthday surprise. Mr Teddy now has a wonderful home.

Happy belated birthday, Li Na!

We are glad to have been a part of your special day!