We started as a Pottery Studio

Kandura Studio | From left: Nuri, Ghia, Fauzy & TIsa

Kandura Studio | From left: Nuri, Ghia, Fauzy & TIsa


Kandura Studio is a ceramic studio in Indonesia that was founded in 2005 by Fauzy, Tisa and Ghia, with Nuri joining the team in 2010. As they say, what started as a pottery studio has now become a platform for the quartet to materialise their designs!

Indeed, the young team has really pushed through the tough local industry and set themselves in the market for affordable and handcrafted ceramics.

We drove to Bandung, Indonesia to meet Fauzy and Nuri and check out their production and office. We were so encouraged to hear that Kandura was expanding to a new factory in Tangerang not far from Jakarta city.

Kandura's Bandung pottery studio

Kandura's Bandung pottery studio


What you will see in their work are fun experimental patterns and ceramic forms.

Seraya Plate

Seraya Plate

The cutest product is the Teribi cups which is an interpretation of the espresso cup. They come in various colour and patterns to give your morning espresso a lift.

Teribi Series - espresso cups

Teribi Series - espresso cups

There’s something about Kandura’s works that calls out to the designer in us at Starchie, and we love how their works seem to mimic a little bit of its founders: quirky, surprising, ethnic yet comforting and casual.

We sat down with Fauzy Prasetya Kamal, the chief designer at Kandura Studio to get to know one of the main potters behind the clay.


Handmade mugs for your everyday use with an affordable price

Handmade mugs for your everyday use with an affordable price


THE LOWDOWN on Kandura's Fauzy ...

Chief Designer - Fauzy Prasetya Kamal

Chief Designer - Fauzy Prasetya Kamal

Fauzy was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. A down to earth guy who loves spending time with his daughter and yoga with his wife. Apart from that, Fauzy tells us that he also gives himself to the work at Kandura Studio as the Chief designer / Creative director. 
He aspires to write more, but keeps procrastinating so writing is on his next to do list.



Where do you live       I live in Depok which is still a kampung (village) area near the University of Indonesia, so my wife can walk to work and we can enjoy the forest and parks at the University.

Personal style             Probably too casual

iphone                                                                                            Iphone or Android?

Yes please, beaches, scuba diving, and music concerts                 Travel


My workplace    In between the workshop, my studio desk and the train ride during my commute                    

Office pet          None

Latest project                        Settling into the new studio

Fave designer / project         My late father, his buildings and furniture pieces

Good design                          One that does not try too hard

Stationery                              Bic multi coloured pen

In your work bag                   Laptop, phone, sketchbook, a pen, a pencil, my commuter train card


Local eat               Something local, preferably Javanese

Drink                     Fresh green coconut water

green coconut.jpg

In your fridge        MSG covered crisps

Munchies              Papaya, melons and mangoes, when in season


Online shop          Trying hard to avoid shopping online

Fashion                 Cotton basic T shirts. No prints

Fave local shop    Local fruit vendor and the occasional crisps

My family                                                I can’t live without

I read my wife’s Time magazine              Magazine subscription


FAUZY recommends ...

FURNITURE            Karsa

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