Advocates of Modern Craftsmanship

Sanoesa | From left: Andrew, Nathaniel, Ridwan aka Iwan and Bimo

Sanoesa | From left: Andrew, Nathaniel, Ridwan aka Iwan and Bimo


Andrew Da Costa, Nathaniel Christian, Ridwan Susanto and Bimo Ario Seto are four changemakers who were brought together by their passion for Indonesian culture and all things wood.
Together, they created Sanoesa - a brand intended to preserve Noesantara's nature, culture and value.

The word “Sanoesa” is the abbreviation of “Satu Noesantara”: satu meaning one and Noesantara refers to the Indonesian archipelago.

indonesia archipelago.png

Believing in preserving the endangered art of traditional craftsmanship, but with the evolving demands of the society, the trio aims to merge modern design together with it to educate people about the value of handcrafted goods.

A labour of love, Sanoesa takes pride in the process of making, working with local talents of artisans in the Java island. Reforesting the world and being environmentally friendly are an important aspects of their production process which is why they insist on using only recycled timber for all their products.


Koepoe Wooden Bowtie available in Teak and Rosewood

Koepoe Wooden Bowtie available in Teak and Rosewood


THE LOWDOWN on Sanoesa's Bimo ... 

... the go-to man for keeping high standards in Sanoesa’s production line.


Where do you live            Jakarta, Indonesia

Bold                                  Personal style

Android                             iPhone or Android?

Camping                           Travel


My workplace                    At the park

Office pet                          Frogs

Latest project                   Money clip

Fave designer / project    Frank Llyod Wright

Good design                     Braun

Stationery                        Wooden ruler

In your work bag              Notebook, pen and rolling tobacco

EAT DRINK               

Local eat             Bebek Madura

Bebek is Indonesian for duck. So this dish is from Madura which is an Indonesian island off the northeastern coast of Java.

Drink                    Beer

Munchies             Dadar gulung

Dadar gulung is rolled pancake / omelette. It is a popular traditional snack in Java filled with grated coconut and palm sugar. Delicious..!!!

Dadar gulung

Dadar gulung

In your fridge      Sale pisang & Cincau

Sale pisang is dried banana slices and Cincau is grassjelly. Not sure ...?
Ask Mr Google ...


Online shop                       Tokopedia

Fashion                              Quickening Store, Jakarta

Fave local shop                 High Fidelity Records, Jakarta

Productivity                        I can’t live without

Silodrome                           Magazine subscription



MADE TO ORDER SHOES              Txture

LOCAL CRAFT                                 Noesa

FASHION                                        Thrive Mc